New for 2014

ATTENDANCE at uniform fittings is MANDATORY. In order to streamline our player certification process, ALL players and cheerleaders MUST take their pictures at fittings. These pictures will be loaded into their player profile in SportsSignup and parents will be able to print all their forms before the first day of practice. Forms must be in color, signed and turned in on the first day in order to begin practice.
Volunteer Cards will also be distributed at uniform fittings by the Executive Board. Each family will receive a card that will be used to electronically sign in and sign out of volunteer slots for easier tracking. This volunteer card is your insurance policy for your deposit. Hours are tracked electronically and the master report printed at the end of the season is what we will use to determine your eligibility for a refund. NO EXCEPTIONS. We are a volunteer run organization and it is of the utmost importance that all families sign up for hours as well as complete the time slots they sign up for.

We will be hosting two mandatory meetings prior to the season as well as one staff training day. Attendance (football and cheer) is absolutely mandatory in order to receive your badge and meet the new requirements for the 2014 season. ALL staff must register at the link above as well and complete a Background Check. Background checks are only good for one year and must be done in order to receive your badge. Staff picture days will also be announced shortly.


We are no longer using ClubSpaces as our registration hosting site. The link above will take you to Much like our old way of registering, each family is to create one account. Within your account, your children can be registered as well as any parent coaches, team parents, and board members. All background checks for badged staff will be done through this site as well. The sooner you register, the longer you have to utilize our payments plans. Please note that no child will be given equipment or cheer uniforms ordered until all registration fees are paid in full. Yes, we say this every year, however due to many unpaid accounts, we are going to strictly enforce this from now on. Players and cheerleaders may be fitted and sized but will not be receiving any items until all balances are paid in full. Players and cheerleaders will not be officially placed on a roster or allowed to attend practice until balances are cleared. If you have a balance of any kind from the 2013 season or you have neglected to turn in your equipment, you will not be placed on a team until all outstanding balances and business is CLEARED.

Youth Strength & Conditioning Training


Coach, Jesse McGill is now offering Skills & Footwork Training on Saturdays for FREE!
Please call Jesse @ 925.565.0490 for more details.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Oakley Raiders is to provide a premier sports organization in which youth athletes can excel in the fundamentals of football and cheerleading, regardless of participants' size, gender, creed, race or national origin. The Oakley Raiders will promote the progressive development of all youth participants by advancing the techniques of football and cheer while fostering the ideals of integrity, sportsmanship and commitment in order to empower all association members to strive for excellence in a safe and fun competitive environment.


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